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Beasley, Robert


LICENSED USBGA JUDGE - COUNTY/STATES FAIR Open Goat Show/4-H FAIR/District goat show Breeding stock / Wethers / Showmanship Over 50 years livestock experience / Involved with 4H for over 30 years. Raising and showing goats for over 10 year. click to view

Cross, Michael L.


Judging county & state fairs since 1985,Showing and winning with dairy goats since 1981 under the Crosshart Farm name had the first national champion Oberhasli in 1985, started raising Boers in 1995.1960's had Suffolk breeding herd., 25yr 4-H leader click to view

Davis, Danny


I have judged all species for over 20 years across the midwest. I am an Ag. Instructor and enjoy working with todays' youth in the classroom and in the showring. I have judged at all levels from jackpots, state shows, to the Ft. Worth Stock Show. click to view

Edge, Doug


I am a graduate of Black Hawk East Junior College and the University of Illinois where he was a member of national winning livestock Judging Teams. I coach the Riverton Parke Livestock Judging Team and raise commercial club lambs with my family. click to view

Goeb, Hannah


I am from Whiteland, IN where I have been raising Boer and Alpine goats for over 15 years. I am an Agricultural Science Teacher & FFA Advisor at Whiteland High School. I thoroughly enjoy working with youth and advocating for the goat industry click to view

Henderson, Annaliese


My name is Annaliese Henderson and I grew up on a farm in Littleton, West Virginia. I was a member of the WVU Livestock Judging Team and am knowledgeable and qualified to judge swine, sheep, cattle, and goats. I judge on state and national circuit. click to view

Johnson , Jessica


I have raised and shown Gelbvieh cattle and club goat wethers for 10 years started in the show industry by raising dairy goats and bred up from there. I am a certified IBGA judge. Also was on Kentucky 4-H national livestock judging team. click to view

Keech, Will


Livestock producer & Agribusiness Professional available to judge Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goats, Meat Goats & Sheep. I enjoy promoting the livestock industry and working with 4-H and FFA youth. click to view

Kelly, Robby


Robby Kelly has been involved in the Livestock Industry from a young age. He has a B.S. in Animal Science and a M.S. from Morehead State, raises and shows Boer goats. click to view

Knell, Rachel


Greetings, I enjoy judging livestock. I always try to judge fairly and honestly, giving credit where it is do. click to view

McCracken, Zach


As a member of the '07-08 Kansas State Univ. Livestock Judging Team, I have winning experience in judging both for competition and for shows. Last summer alone I judged 11 shows in MO, OK and KS, with a total of nearly 40 shows since I began. click to view

Mercer, Eli


I'm on the livestock judging team in TN. click to view

Miller, Roger


Roger has been involved in raising and breeding top quality livestock his entire life. Member Kansas FFA State Livestock Judging Team and has won several intercolleigiate awards including high individual Houston Livestock show and Rodeo click to view

Murphy, LauraJane


Laura Jane Murphy has been judging livestock at fairs and shows for more than 30 years. She has coached teams at the local and state levels for 20 years. click to view

Pritchett, Chris


Hi! I am a graduate of the University of Georgia in Animal Science. I judged in senior college on the 2010 University of Georgia Livestock Judging Team under Jary Douglas. Live on a family farm raising show stock and Angus Cross Cattle. click to view

Saterbak, Katie


I grew up showing hogs, lambs, and dairy, Boer, and market goats. I attended Pennsylvania State University. I find that judging and selecting livestock helps teach youth members how to select the best stock for themselves. click to view

Shafer, Jessie


Born and r­aised into­ a cow/cal­f beef ope­ration, &a­mp; brood ­ewe produc­tion flock­, I have e­xperienced­ many face­ts of the ­livestock ­industry. ­In 4-H I l­earned res­ponsibilit­y and hard­ work from­ raising m­y own show­ productio­n and mark­et prospec­ts. With t­he goal of­ putting f­emale proj­ects back ­into a pro­duction se­tting. I h­ave shown ­livestock ­on a count­y, distric­t, regiona­l, state a­nd nationa­l level. I­ have work­ed with 4-­H organiza­tion and P­enn State ­Extension ­since I wa­s 18, and ­served as ­a mentor f­or several­ younger m­ember just­ getting t­here start­ in the 4-­H livestoc­k clubs. ­ As a membe­r of the L­ivestock J­udging Tea­m at Penn ­State I wa­s able to ­further my­ experienc­e and deve­lop my sel­ection and­ evaluatio­n skills b­y travelin­g to and c­ompeting a­t Houston ­Stock show­ & Rod­eo , All-E­ast,Keysto­ne Interna­tional Liv­estock Exp­osition, B­oilermaker­, Stockman­'s, and to­ the North­ American ­Internatio­nal Livest­ock Exposi­tion. I enjoy wo­rking with­ youth and­ teaching ­the import­ance of go­od selecti­on of mark­et stock a­nd livesto­ck to be e­fficient i­n today's ­production­ settings.­ I believe­ it is als­o importan­t for term­inal anima­ls to prod­uce qualit­y meat on ­the rail f­or consume­r satisfac­tion. I am curre­ntly the A­g Instruct­or/ FFA Ad­visor at T­urkeyfoot ­Valley Sch­ool Distri­ct. With m­y administ­ration we ­are workin­g on build­ing a prog­ram that t­akes pride­ in our he­ritage and­ strives t­o inavate ­the future­ of Agricu­lture, thr­ough cours­es in Anim­al Science­, Food Sci­ence, Hort­iculture, ­Floricultu­re, Ag Mec­hanics, an­d Wildlife­/Fishires ­management­. click to view

Shearer, Judd


Judging Goats, Pygmy Goats - Excellent Knowledge. Dairy Goats - Fair Knowledge. Showmanship Excellent. Please note: I have no problem judging any disabled persons. I am not yet a licensed Judge in any goats. click to view

Slaven, Mitchell


My name is Mitchell Slaven. I'm a freshman at Purdue University studying Agricultural and Biological Engineering. I have a background in 4-H, meat and dairy goat production, as well as being an active member and traveling the ABGA show circuit. click to view

Sterkel (Lembke), Taya


Judged at NJC in Sterling, CO under Ben Cooley. Judged all though out 4-H and FFA. My family raises club lambs and club goats. I have shown everything but rabbits in 4-H and FFA but preferred livestock and dairy animals. Traveled all over the Mid West showing and judging livestock. I love helping kids and believe that you can always give them positive helpfull advice. click to view

Tedder, Morgan


18 year old graduate from North Texas, Showing is my passion. I love to judge dairy does and weathers and also love to judge horses. I have shown dairy goats for 7 years along with cattle and horses. I was in FFA and 4-H & ready for the next chapter! click to view

Twidwell, Stephani


A 4-H alumni herself, Stephani has experience in breeding, raising, and showing dairy goats within 4-H and ADGA (also judging Boer and Pygmy goats). As a judge, she sees her role in the ring as a an opportunity to educate and encourage young showmen. click to view

Williamson, Ben


Ben Williamson has pursed an career in animal agriculture, and strives to share his knowledge and experiences with livestock enthusiast at various levels. When working with youth, his primary focus is a positive and educational experience. click to view
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