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Meet Nathan Cooley from Tupelo, MS 
Address: 134 rd 1399
Phone: 662-840-0902
Cell Phone: 662-401-3323
Qualified to judge: Cattle, Starter Calves
Judge Classification: Breeder
Available in Region(s): South East
Available in State(s): Mississippi
Available in Canada: No
Judge personal information:
When I was introduced to judging I was 8 years old. I judged a class of lambs at tupelo ms not having a clue what I was doing but through trying and age became knowledge. As a year or two rolled by I was then introduced to showing my first calf "Polled Hereford" and that proved to be my starting point in my love for cattle, along with all the bumps and bruises and scraps that came with breaking my first calf. So I was a full time showman with cattle and sheep, and that lasted untill I was 12 untill I decided to go strictly cattle. My dad told me that there was one thing I shared incommon with my Angus cattle and that was my attitude because they always seemed to be that WAY, attitude as he called it, but they just become a major part in teaching me the responsibility of growing up. When I became a FFA student my career contained through my teens in school where we won the State Livestock Judging contest in Ms, and as I entered college we was given the opportunity to compete on the collegiate level in Houston Texas. I raised Angus cattle for 12 years.
We raised Suffolk sheep for 10 years. After my graduation from high school the 
Cattle was slowly sold along with the sheep and then came my third project 
Horses for roughly 10 more years untill there are just 5 left standing eating grass. 
With 12 years of raising Angus cattle, Suffolk sheep and judging 4-H, FFA all over 
North Ms to Jackson and one trip to Huston Texas I believe I can make the correct
and fair decisions to the youth and livestock based on my experience. I'm 
currently starting to get my Angus membership back and start my own son on 
hopefully the same happy road I've traveled.

Ripley Ms 3rd through 7th grade. 4-H
Mantachie Ms 7th through 12th. FFA
Itwamba Community College 
4-H judging at Ripley Ms FFA judging team at Mantachie Ms
Judging Experience & Honors:
12 years of judging cattle and sheep, I did get a perfect score on a class of market hogs once, I just don't know how because I know nothing about hogs, it was just a lucky day of judging, my parents was even SUPRISED.
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